We face

"A Life Extinction Event"

posing as a

"Runaway Heating Crisis!

With no one,

including your

new President,

prepared to do what



After you understand

that our

non-stop emissions

doom our future

and that we have

no options

other than

to immediately

stop the use of

all fossil fuels:

Will you do so?

Or simply give up

and go about your

every day affairs

with no concern,

none whatsoever,

for the children

you brought

into this world?


For The Children!

Its Time To Wake!

While some




Our children

shall soon 

know this:

We abandoned

them in favor of

"Our Prized Mobility"

As per the messages

to all parents

as found at:


Either we do what we can,

and that means


to save

our children

or understand that

we will die in a 

state of shame.

Dare you,

dear reader,

recognize and act

on your duty

to help

wake the world?

Dare you?

If you do!

Help Spread the


Our children

no longer have a choice!


Their options are 

being curtailed by the start

of every engine

every day

with the non-stop addition

of the emissions that flow

from each and every engine,

for whatever reason!

Now: A special

“Observe & Understand”


While the rise

in emissions

has stayed

relatively flat

for the last

3 to 4 years:

The rate of

“Global Heating"

continues to rise!

That tells us something

very important!

We are now

30+ months

into a non-stop

rise of

Global Temperatures!




has publicly addressed such!

That tells all that we stand

on the edge of disaster!

 A Self-Created Monster!

The reason being that the

heat rise is keenly in tune

with the amount of


we put into our atmosphere!

Now! Time for some levity!

As posted to IR Net on July 25, 2017

Sessions!! Is this session about Sessions?

If so, seeing that I have just secured " " and made it available at Reality's Dictate JUST put the devil in my ear! (Again!) And whispered:

If one sought a short session with Sessions about Sessions' short session leading to : What sort of short sessions would Sessions shorten, by special SCOTU session, all sessions about ?

BTW: I must, and shall, send President Trump

a courtesy "Thank You!" note and donate

to his favorite Charity TEN Percent

of whatever Price is agreed to with regard to a 

"short term sale" of

Having earned a time out with a Bong . . .


© Daniel J. Lavigne 2016