The Petition

The above statement is Absolutely correct!

If we need the 1% to help save us . . so be it!

Now to help them rise to that need! . .

In order to confront to fully confront

“The Climate Crisis”,

with NO room for “Half-Measures"

President Obama’s Message

calls on everyone, worldwide,

to respond to the

Petition to Save Humanity:

 Upon becoming fully and completely aware

of the need to



all personal vehicles:

Will you help that come about?

To participate:

Tell Your Friends and Family

and share your answers.

Thank you.

To a safer, saner


more caring world!

To Duty!

Please Note!

The goal of achieving the storage of all personal vehicles drives the need to

stop all related efforts that are leading Humanity to a near term extinction.

If you actually “do” care about our continued existence as a species that

may well otherwise soon have the ability to travel the cosmos

in ships designed for that purpose:

Help everyone around you understand what we face!

And that, if we are to ACT, it must be NOW!

Thank you!

© Daniel J. Lavigne 2016